WHAT a joyous day to learn and dig deeper into the values and culture of our IP brethren. Thanks to the people (brothers and sisters)in Christ who greatly participated in the said event. The Manobo Village UMC and Community UMC🙏🙏🙏Extending our earnest gratitude to this beautiful inside and out Rev. Connie Semy Mella for very inspiring and challenging words of solidarity and pointing out the value of being proud of what you are no matter what or where tribe you came from☺️ Be proud of who You are. To the Tribal Chieftain who lend his time for Panubadtubed (prayer) Datu Maylan Andas, to the IPMR of Barangay Temporan who greatly emphasized the importance of preserving our culture and being proud of our identities as part of God’s chosen people- Datu Joel Mantawil, Local Church Chairperson Mercidita Alie, the host pastor Rev. Jeric Cotillion Cortado and his wife Dss. Cristine De Guzman Cortado for their very welcoming and participative congregation, “Suppon Salamat”☺️☺️☺️❣️ and our very generous and loving Bishop Rudy Juan for the wonderful virtual greetings and financial support for this activity “Daghan kaayong salamat po Obispo”. Our Ds Miriam Joy Flauta for the guidance and provision, and Rev. Recto Baguio for his uplifting words of wisdom as our Keynote Speaker at the same time the National in Mission for the IP Ministry of Davao Episcopal Area. 🙋A snappy salute po together with the workers Dss. Julievee Tapic , Ptr. Vilma Surao, Ptr. Adolfo Sugcawan and Ptr. Josue Tagarda 🙏🙏🙏☺️🥰SALAMUCH/Dakkon suppon salamat.