Livelihood and skills training programs for our less fortunate brothers and sisters including assistance for establishing cooperatives, if and when necessary. Also included is assistance in accessing financing for their small business endeavor. Efforts to access assistance from both government and civil society organizations (local and international) for livelihood and entrepreneurship projects such as those related to cottage industry (e.g., food processing, recycled/repurposed goods, etc.), service-based skills trainings (e.g., massage/“hilot”, beauty-industry related skills, etc.), agriculture and agri-business (e.g., value addition to agricultural produce, consolidation of produce to achieve economies of scale, etc.), as well as technical skills trainings. In addition, intended beneficiaries shall be assisted in meeting qualification requirements. Hosting of Job Fairs is also a possibility.

Moreover, Boards of Trustees, Councils on Finance and Administration, and other concerned agencies and boards of local churches, districts, and annual conferences are enjoined to be more intentional in implementing follow-through activities in order to put in order and develop idle properties. Many strategic properties are not being maximized and these can be harnessed for their strategic value and be utilized so that proceeds from enterprise or business activities can be used to support mission work, not to mention providing for workers who receive less than what is necessary for a decent living.