Time and again we experience the wrath of nature, so they say. This is because of our own doing—we neglect God’s creation! The Vacation Church School’s theme in 2015 was “Climate Change, Lifestyle Change”. But how much have we really changed our lifestyle? DEA will continue promoting awareness about caring for the environment. This is the only earth that we have! Let every United Methodist family commit to an “environment care” activity that they will do in their homes and can be called their own, like waste segregation, simple home-level reuse and recycling projects, composting, etc.

Every United Methodist must consciously observe and participate in Earth Day activities. Likewise, let us promote the use of solar energy for our various power requirements. This technology has become more affordable compared to several years back, and may be installed off-grid or on-grid (where surplus energy generated can be sold to the power distribution company or electric cooperative). Churches can have community activities like “Run for Creation”, “Bike for Mother Earth”, and “Caravan for Environment”, waste management workshops, coastal clean-ups, and Tree Planting.

As its contribution to the PCC’s UMC Pook Luntian Project, DEA will endeavor to plant a total of 300,000 trees within the quadrennium. It has set the 3rd Saturday of October as the DEA-Wide Tree Planting/Caring Day.

Let us be “Vanguards of Mother Earth”. Lobby and promote with government officials the UMC’s stand on environment issues such as Illegal mining, quarrying, kaingin, illegal logging, dynamite fishing, illegal fish cages, etc. based on our Social Principles. Let us uphold the integrity of God’s creation!