Communication is a very powerful tool. It promotes understanding, facilitates healing of relationships, encourages people to perform and achieve goals. But it can also be misused to instigate confusion and chaos, break down interactions and bonds of friendships and family, and serve as stumbling block or barrier to extending much needed ministries to those in need.

The United Methodist Communication (UMCOM) partners with the area bishops to organize a communications group to improve connectivity. The Ham radio group United Methodist Amateur Radio Club for DEA (UMARC-DEA) is organized primarily for the purpose of direct communications especially during times of disasters and calamities. With the vast physical area of DEA and challenges to physically visiting established local churches, more so mission churches, a established communications network is a valuable infrastructure.

Komunikasyon Program also involves the establishment of accurate records (including, but not limited to, church statistics, minutes of meetings, etc.) and their timely submission, if and when necessary. Local churches, districts, and annual conferences must establish standardized system for records management. Trainings as well as coaching and mentoring sessions should be considered to enable staff and volunteers to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively.